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  1. The fights at GDZ were fuckin awesome! Thanks for the good trip ME LIKEYYYYYY
  2. Killin Skill

    this is why i do revs!! #holyrng

    Gratz dude bonk lootation
  3. Killin Skill


    Gratz! Slowest of them 3 done Keep it up!
  4. Killin Skill

    Funny Feeling

    Gratz dude! One of the sickets pets ingame for pures imo!
  5. Killin Skill

    2 more 60s

    Fastest way to 60 mining is mining iron and dropping them @ alkharid mining side! GL! Keep it up
  6. Killin Skill

    Nothing big

    Ty all ❤️
  7. Killin Skill

    [Part 1] Spring Promotions 2019

    Gratz lads!
  8. Killin Skill

    Nothing big

    1st n000000b 99 non cb
  9. Killin Skill

    maxed initiate pure woo

  10. Killin Skill

    It's Finally DONE :D

    wish i was as far as you! TY
  11. Killin Skill

    #skilltality #ranqe1 #zulrahh #b0nk

  12. Killin Skill

    It's Finally DONE :D

    2K TOTAL !!
  13. Killin Skill

    favourite sports?

    Football! Played for 13 years myself
  14. Killin Skill

    50v50 p2p pkri vs IR

    Nice vid! Sick action