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  1. Sonic Shark

    for the clan

    How the fuck did it miss the spam? Glad you got 2 pures
  2. Sonic Shark

    got my mith def

  3. Sonic Shark

    2277 :)

    You maxed out alone in a cave facing a wall? Wtf. Gratz.
  4. Sonic Shark


  5. Sonic Shark

    Positive KDA's Intro

    Welcome mate! Get 52 pray!
  6. Sonic Shark

    Zlerp Intro

    Welcome to the forums bro
  7. Sonic Shark

    luna uzumaki Intro

    Did he teach you to leak? Jk
  8. Sonic Shark

    Some late night BH

    Sorry to hear you redbarred everyone and got no loot.
  9. Sonic Shark

    Monday - Quick Lootfeast.

    Loving the Monday gmt pk trips lately. Lots of fights with teams! Will try to post my pictures later.
  10. Sonic Shark

    root app

    You not watch South Park??
  11. Sonic Shark

    root app

  12. Sonic Shark

    biggest drop so far

  13. Sonic Shark

    getting after it

    Gratz man, I recommend stop alching now and fire surge at nmz for hp exp.
  14. Sonic Shark

    60 or 75 attack?

    75, I never regretted it. I was 60 attack 96 strength.
  15. Sonic Shark

    Some Achievements

    Insane good job, I got up to 92 rc on the old rs2 servers pre-eoc, quite a grind
  16. Sonic Shark

    88 Risen Intro

    Hey there nice to meet you!
  17. Sonic Shark

    99 Potionmaker

  18. Good to see an est trip happened too!
  19. Sonic Shark

    MORNING revPK TRIP 11.7.2019

    Good job guys
  20. Sonic Shark

    I'm a Masterchef now!