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  1. Sonic Shark

    Time to join the big boys.

    Went and got 55 prayer too.
  2. Sonic Shark

    7/19 revs trip harry got his first +1!!

    Oooo gratz! Hope to make a revs trip next week before my holiday.
  3. Sonic Shark

    Kankerfazing intro

    Hey welcome to the fi forums, hope you apply
  4. Sonic Shark

    Hey Everyone:)

  5. Sonic Shark

    How to record on a Mac?

    Buy a windows pc.
  6. Sonic Shark

    SHORT TRIP TODAY 19/07/2019

    Well done! Hope everyone had a good trip, wish I coulda been there
  7. Sonic Shark

    Summer Awards

    Gratz all
  8. Sonic Shark

    Fatality Revenants PK Trip 7.15-17.2019

    Expecting to see myself die a lot lmao
  9. Sonic Shark

    Brief Sushi Intro

    Hey! Welcome
  10. Sonic Shark

    Should i go 75 attack?

    Should I go 75 attack? Since hitting 80 combat, i'm finding the fights with mains so much harder at revs. I should note i do not singles pk, just revs and other clan events.
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    hey welcome
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  15. Good job guys, still awaiting my first +1 kill !!
  16. Sonic Shark

    GoldCoastAUS saying g-day

    Welcome! Another OG Rs player. My RS history is similar to yours! Played Rs before the wildy removal for many years, did a bit of bh crater and came back in Feb myself!
  17. Sonic Shark

    Step 3

    Gratz ! Any more steps ??
  18. Sonic Shark

    and another one - GETTING STRONG

    Added! Chats on off a lot, as I leave it idling at work a lot lol!