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    Tuesday GMT Revs PK Trip

    Good to see Stort died twice to us lol.
  4. Good job all Did not realise there was already a thread for revs yesterday!
  5. Sonic Shark

    Tuesday GMT Revs PK Trip

    Felt like so good to get those 2 dc kids consecutively at the end after they killed me before.
  6. Sonic Shark

    This shit takes forever

  7. Sonic Shark

    Dev Blog: Changes to pvp.

    Well that’s f2p pure pking fucked with the entangles.
  8. Sonic Shark

    BIGREVGUY is agile as heck

    good job
  9. Sonic Shark

    60 attack pure now maxed:)

  10. Sonic Shark


    I would not touch it but that’s me.
  11. Sonic Shark

    Fatality P2P Sunday

    It was good fun
  12. Sonic Shark

    By Popular Demand...

    Best intro I’ve ever seen
  13. Thanks to @O W A R I 😷 for the friendly competition last few weeks! So what's next guys? 99 strength? 99 mage? or even 75 attack?!
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    Gratz 2 more to go!
  15. Wow absolutely amazing guys! Can’t wait to come next week!
  16. Sonic Shark

    America day PK

    Lmao sorry my dude! As bad as I felt when we realised it was you was made up by when we got surprise attack by a team with the same green hats later that night.
  17. Sonic Shark

    7/5 Revs post pics

    Yet another good trip! Good job guys!
  18. Sonic Shark

    Fatality's Week in the Caves

    It’s been an amazing week in the fi caves. Proud to have been at a number and can’t wait for next week.
  19. Sonic Shark

    99 range again

  20. Sonic Shark


    Congratulations my dude! Enjoyed the competition! I’ll have mine done by Monday.
  21. Sonic Shark

    Hello everyone

  22. Sonic Shark

    lil baby clan lmao

    Lil baby army is coming for Fatality bro.
  23. Did you get the clip of us returning the surprise attack and barraging them? i watched your video we were 4 vs 10 at one point. @Phi