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    Good job farmer giles
  2. Sonic Shark

    God book set completed [hcim pure]

    good job, gratz!
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    Why does this happen to me

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    Welcome to FI forums
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    YouAreASnake Introduction

    well hello there!
  6. Made the right choice in gear today to heavily load myself with mage bonus, was good fun.
  7. So i'v hit this spot a few times before getting a few gps here and there max from previous was 550k, but from just over an hour I hit the jackpot. I was joined by @Anthonyplatmann & @old chub for a little bit too. Died only once.
  8. What’s the deal with it?? Why use it? Can or has anyone been banned for using it? What’s the major advantages? Where do i download?
  9. Sonic Shark

    What’s your clan history?

    Interested to find anyone who I may have crossed paths with previously and interested in everyone else’s RS2 (pre-eoc) with i3loodboy main Heroes of the future - 2004 Shadow Elves (only an applicant) - 2005 Tidalstorm - 2005 Clan Europe - 2004 - 2006 Violent Resolution - 2006 - 2008 Quit for 10 years All an aprox above OSRS - Sonic Shark Fatality - 2019 -
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    pking + Pvm

    Big big
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    Pking with FI, with a gift from DC!

    Gratz! No kill drop pic for the claws??
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    Bun Bo Hue Intro

    Aye welcome to fi forums
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    Elve's Reintro

  15. Sonic Shark

    Elve's Reintro

    Sadly do not remember you! I always think about showing my face around their discord or forums but haven’t done so since returning to rs in Feb. Some old faces still hanging about their like cera s6, kaochinx, rj deathlord & empire mind.
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    M0Us intro sup

    Well hello there
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    Any UFC fans here?

    Whittaker by decision.
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    Elve's Reintro

    @Elvewhat name did you use in VR? We may of crossed paths, I was VR as i3loodboy from 07-10
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    Big Thing