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  1. Sonic Shark

    Should i go 75 attack?

    Should I go 75 attack? Since hitting 80 combat, i'm finding the fights with mains so much harder at revs. I should note i do not singles pk, just revs and other clan events.
  2. Sonic Shark

    #1 Shadow barrager is no more...

  3. Sonic Shark


    hey welcome
  4. Sonic Shark


  5. Sonic Shark


  6. Good job guys, still awaiting my first +1 kill !!
  7. Sonic Shark

    GoldCoastAUS saying g-day

    Welcome! Another OG Rs player. My RS history is similar to yours! Played Rs before the wildy removal for many years, did a bit of bh crater and came back in Feb myself!
  8. Sonic Shark

    Step 3

    Gratz ! Any more steps ??
  9. Sonic Shark

    and another one - GETTING STRONG

    Added! Chats on off a lot, as I leave it idling at work a lot lol!
  10. Sonic Shark

    [HCIM] baby groot :}

  11. Sonic Shark

    and another one - GETTING STRONG

    Got to experience 60 attack maxed first personally! And then I’ll go 75 attack eventually!
  12. Sonic Shark

    bow cape

    Gratz on your first 99! I truly think it’s the best 99 to get for pure clanning.
  13. Sonic Shark

    still keepin busy

    Sorry to hear man Keep up the good work.