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    Midweek man Teleblock returns

    Hey brothers its Teleblock here from New Zealand. I'm interested in coming home to join the clan and bleed some green again. I was kicked or something strange after taking a break from the game for a couple of months. And I dont know my forum login anymore. But shoutout to my brothers @Maffiajef6 , ranqe 1, Sly waffle, Weffe, God rage, especially you V1ce lmfao. Any interest in an application?
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    Rev trip + fight vs FS

    was decent gf
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    Fatality Sunday - DmkKilled

    thanks ly roaches
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    scim collection swole ty legacy for donations
  6. Teleblock

    Og Intro

    hello welcome welcome enjoy your stay 🤑
  7. They ran like dogs
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    9 more

  9. nice hang in there