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    I mean which one you do next is just dendent on what your looking for. Fastest methods are rooftops until you can summer pie to wildy course for agility, backjacking for theiving pyramid plunder is slower bit less click intensive. Herb is gunna be fast regardless i would just look at the gp/xp of certain potions atm not that youll be spending alot to 60 Think ppots are usually solid
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    I. Who introduced you to Fatality? Yak II. Do you plan on joining Fatality? Idk, undecided III. What is your current RuneScape Name? TheNew Soapy (has been Itzsoapy for most the time) IV. What is your RuneScape(Clanning) history? IR for approx a year Legacy for about a week V. What are your goals for your RuneScape account? I mean im maxed except attack, I'm getting it up through slayer but not in any sort of rush VI. Anything else you'd like to add? Do you allow burping in ts........