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  1. Ffs ImDrunk

    In case you forgot who we're killing this weekend

    Ill be there, rs is not leaving single this weekend.
  2. Ffs ImDrunk

    Favorite quotes from Reshitstance members

    Rs member probably 12yrs old, they dont even kno what is going on in their clan. Lol
  3. Ffs ImDrunk


  4. Ffs ImDrunk

    Fatality SLAMS Resistance - Al Kharid Massacre

    it was easy for FI.
  5. Ffs ImDrunk


  6. Ffs ImDrunk

    Tuesday - "Hard R" - Smacking DC x4.

  7. Ffs ImDrunk

    Pink bus

  8. Ffs ImDrunk

    Fatality Vs Supremacy P2P 3-0

    Good sht boys!
  9. Ffs ImDrunk

    Member of the month-May!

    Gj bro!
  10. Ffs ImDrunk

    Reverse Sweeping FOE

    gj boys!
  11. Ffs ImDrunk

    Monday 5/20 PK Trips

    was fun.
  12. Ffs ImDrunk

    5/22 Revs Trip + Pkri vs Fearless

    Good action before bed, gf fs https://gyazo.com/f04703ef8cd3bd8845c91dc47660ee53 https://gyazo.com/49ce2672f6b25d37382db81efd3039df https://gyazo.com/7ea4970f45a4248f8e45242ea1e903c8 https://gyazo.com/6763d7a523152ef0b1f76a525b7757fe