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  1. DekuWeebGod

    #KG #Jass

  2. Bring back kpop nights - proven to increase winrate of events and improve chemistry. 

    1. Pex



  3. DekuWeebGod

    [Security update] Important read - Stay safe

    I agree comrade couck , i've also noticed since the halting of kpop night our winning at events has decreased you should order mandatory kpop nights effective immideatly to bring back the wins and help improve our teamwork and chemistry as a clan.
  4. DekuWeebGod

    Iron man gainz

  5. DekuWeebGod

    Grats on prep win please vote

  6. https://gyazo.com/25e1824f96a888fefce01afe0bf5e882 best kill of the trip hands down
  8. DekuWeebGod

    killing people

    Golden family strong , weebs strong , weebality on the rise . good shit cuh
  9. DekuWeebGod


    I am deku , i left but now im back . SWM18 failed so i came back earlier than expected xD weeb squad strong again . #goldenfamily
  10. DekuWeebGod

    My Introduction

    Ohayo 8pint
  11. DekuWeebGod

    :/ intro

  12. DekuWeebGod


    ohayo haley . please dont "bully" me out of another clan. hehehe
  13. DekuWeebGod

    Harry's Spring questionnaire

    Harry's 2019 spring Questionnaire: Do you eat fried bologna sandwiches? 3rd world sorry idk what that is Do you bite your toe nails? Nope Do you eat spam? (fried or unfriend) no idea what that is and most likely no Do you listen to hip hop? yes Do you have street cred (be honest you nerd white mf) yes Do you pronounce salmon with the L? (saLmon or samen) Salmon Do you like jack Daniels? if not do you drink any whiskey? Not Much of whiskey more of a wine guy Do you like beer? what kind? Quilmes(Argentine brand) Do you like President Trump? Idc i dont like in america not my problem How often do you get your dick sucked? (if you say yes i am allowed to downgrade your answer if i think yo dick dry and you lyin) been months :c homie gotta go outside and pick up a broad Do you like Guns? Not Really Do you think owning a AR-15 is acceptable? Depends Do you like runescape? yes Do you like fishing? yes Do you like hunting? yes If someone hit you up 30 minutes before a trip and asked if you wanna come drink would you go drink or make an excuse and go to trip? depends if they paying or not lel Do you drink Sweet Tea? wtf is that Do you like college football? which team if yes? no do you watch mlb baseball? which team if yes? no Do you say "nigga"? yes of the following which will you listen to until death? Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Gorilla zoe, Pastor troy, T.I. , Lil Boosie, Juvenile, Plies, Three Six Mafia, Yo Gotti, 50 cent 50 Cent
  14. Being #1 and carrying all the time is hard and very tiring , thankfully i got the #GoldenFamily , and they carry when im not there and we carry together cuz u know #WeebsRstrong

  15. DekuWeebGod


    Hola , bienvenido a fatality . Join Fi and the Golden family we'd love you with us❤️ #WeebsRstrong