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  1. M1LLY R0CK

    Tuesday - "Hard R" - Smacking DC x4.

    From now on, we have a daily event called "SIT DC." Hosted by ours truly, the PK Leaders. @Elve @Pyxius @Daps @Phi
  2. M1LLY R0CK

    Fatality Night Squad

    the timezone for the Fi #NightSquad is approximately 9pm-2am PST
  3. M1LLY R0CK

    fatality's night squad

    Fi's legendary #nightSquad
  4. M1LLY R0CK

    Friday - Smoking Legacy

    Free loots for the bois
  5. M1LLY R0CK

    L67 22 Psi

  6. M1LLY R0CK

    Imbued Guthix Cape!

  7. M1LLY R0CK

    Knocking 'em out!

    very nice
  8. M1LLY R0CK

    k o kid

    hope to see you on more often brother!
  9. M1LLY R0CK

    Monday - Caves Cleared

    cleared a clan 3 times, recruited one of their dudes, it's been a good night
  10. M1LLY R0CK

    My life story....

    welcome man! if you're a friend of vlbz, you're a friend of mine
  11. M1LLY R0CK

    Introduction / Bag Em Up

    beast mode