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  1. dam yo wish I was there
  2. Typh

    Sand Crab Cave

    this is nice, thanks!
  3. BP scratch kill go-4000 kill repa kill tanked a full inv of food vs IR sorry for crop
  4. Typh

    :/ intro

    yooo I remember you from Rage! I was xTypheus. add me mate!
  5. Typh

    Typh intro

    updated with new stats! gonna app soon for sure.
  6. had to bounce before this started, wish I could have joined!
  7. Had a ton of fun! Thanks for letting me join. Here's the pics I managed to grab.
  8. Typh

    Rev Cave Stroll

    sick trip boys, lot of fun. I didn't get any kill pics so enjoy this llama.
  9. Typh

    feeling the burn

    grats I need to start RC soon fml
  10. Typh

    Typh intro

    thanks again all hoping to app soon, can't wait to PK!
  11. Typh

    big skiller clan

    sick man!
  12. Typh

    YungMisclick's Intro

  13. Typh

    Typh intro

    Thanks all! Feel free to hit me up in game for some PK!