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  1. Wizzy OG

    grats anon

    ayy big gratz man!
  2. Wizzy OG

    King of the Forest

    Road to 99
  3. Wizzy OG

    grats anon

    nice job pal
  4. Wizzy OG

    2 down

    congratz man!
  5. Wizzy OG

    Joining the big boy club

    Appreciate it big time. Had a goal when i joined which is finally accomplished
  6. And yes, i failed to take a pic. Wanted to it hit at the trip, and i accidently did one more attack
  7. Wizzy OG

    F2P Magic Buff

    sounds interesting, dont think it will screw things up
  8. Wizzy OG

    this that

    damn man congratulations!
  9. Wizzy OG

    time to hunt for squishy

    nice man
  10. Wizzy OG


  11. Wizzy OG

    No pet yet :(

    Only 260 so far, hoping for a early lucky pet drop haha
  12. Wizzy OG


  13. Wizzy OG


  14. Wizzy OG

    9 2

    almost there