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  1. Wizzy OG

    Halo copped

  2. Wizzy OG

    We're getting there boys

  3. Wizzy OG

    Created a pure and messing around...

    Did that for the early hp levels, shits fun and great cash
  4. Wizzy OG

    Created a pure and messing around...

    Yeah ive noticed that too after staying there for a while
  5. So I created a new pure just to test out rev caves at lower levels which is quite decent and fun. My second trip there, from a pyrefiend, and I get my money back from the leveling the acc. Any fun tips what to do? Thinking of staying 1 pray and just chill at rev caves atm
  6. Wizzy OG

    my 60 att pure

    damn mr nmz doing good
  7. Wizzy OG

    Chaos Drru1d Intro

    welcome man! Hope you have a great time here
  8. Wizzy OG


    shiewt gz boi
  9. Wizzy OG

    Rojas Introduction

  10. Wizzy OG

    Gains !