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  1. Jaya

    dt finished (ironpure btw)

    grats bro looking real clean
  2. Jaya


    Watch out @Crumble
  3. Jaya

    bloody hell m9

    halfway there bb gl
  4. Jaya

    new era

    75 attack is the wave grats
  5. Jaya

    gentleman's skill

    growing some pretty big trees there bud
  6. Jaya

    G W 4 S INTRO!

    welcome in bro
  7. Jaya

    Finally got the halo

    very nice stupid grind but worth it
  8. Jaya


    and you didnt even let me come photo bomb prick
  9. Jaya

    Time to suffer

    gl on the super duper arthritis big gains tho
  10. Jaya

    AGS PK! 5 Man Team

    good shit fuck meds
  11. Jaya

    blood on the water

    now go make some money on nats sheesh
  12. Jaya

    Fatality Winter 3v3 Tournament

    @Crumble and @Native team plox
  13. Jaya

    when a woman loves a man...

    my arthritis is flaring up just looking at this
  14. Jaya

    20 defence on the pure

    idk what i really expected
  15. lmfao that ending clip this dick aint gonna suck thy self
  16. the pov of that 1st round is great
  17. Jaya

    11K wuu2

    11k is solid
  18. Jaya

    58 lvls til max total pure etc

    my fingers they burn just looking at this
  19. Jaya


    sell quick thats for sure
  20. Jaya

    good RNG

    hey free 2m man cant complain there