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  1. Jaya

    Summer Awards

    I lost to @Schweden for best vidder wtf
  2. Jaya


    anchor is lit nice job
  3. Jaya


    hello sir
  4. Jaya


  5. Jaya

    High risk briddings

    no app no watch
  6. Jaya

    New intro

    pretty sweet i like the metal concept for the banner in it
  7. Jaya

    Sunday back in the saddle

    i think its like a bug or something because i was out of combat for a couple of seconds and would let me if i spam, but if i click something else like the ground it will like auto restore me. its weird and really annoying, happens when i do zulrah too
  8. shaking off the rust was fun boys
  9. Jaya

    Fatality steamrolls clusters

    ez saturday clap
  10. Jaya


    my man, any friend of @Testified is a friend of mine