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  1. one on one

    Fatality storms the caves FT AGS + BIG LOOT

    good trip boys!
  2. wicked trip boys, lets do it again next weekend!
  3. one on one

    last nights loot

    no it would only be like a 500k split anyway, toxic staffs are only 8.3m now
  4. one on one

    last nights loot

    Went for a little pk trip last night with about 15 green warriors. I was lucky enough to receive a toxic staff along the way! Thank you my fellow green commandos.
  5. one on one

    blood on the water

    Damn crumble good job!
  6. one on one

    Pure Slayz Introduction!

    Welcome Slayz, hope to see you around!
  7. one on one

    hang loose

    welcome to fatality's forums!
  8. one on one

    my return

    i thought i would post this in goals. I do apologize for being inactive over the holidays i was no lifing DMM and spending time with family, I really appreciate your patience's and I cant wait to practice my skills and show what i have to offer in 2019 as my time is devoted to become a better clan member. I cant wait to stand beside my green comrades in battle tomorrow. much love my fellow green friends! https://imgur.com/a/b6On6h2 4:14 for me getting absolute bank!
  9. one on one

    New member Introduction

    welcome to the Fi forums hope to see you around
  10. one on one

    Whats up guys?

  11. one on one

    Schrute intro

    welcome to the fi forums
  12. one on one

    Koss om osrs Introduction

    hope to see you app!