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    Who Introduced you into fatality? Demonic Vipe <-- his RSN Do you plan on joining Fatality? Yes What is your current Runescape Name? OrSomeShit <-- 82 maxed 60 atk pure Gains R N G <-- 120 cb main What is your Runescape(clanning) history? I used to be in a few clans like CoA, Eyesocket (those two disbanded due to owners scamming clan members for twisted bows in dueling arena clan pot), was recently in Damage Control and they kicked me out because they were randomly massing and I was skilling going for total worlds, I'm currently 1425 total level on my pure. What are your goals for your Runescape account? Since I've maxed out my account, just make profit pking and pvming at revs. Working up to 1750 - 2000 total. My main for that account is completionist but right now he is only 95 atk 92 def, so maxing him out completely. Anything else you'd like to add? I wanted to join because I'm always at revs and I get jumped by 2-3 people and i'll end up killing 1-2 of them and the last would kill me or they would run back and rag me. As well as of the clan who kicked me out for no reason at all.. I want to crush them.