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  1. O W A R I 😷

    1 out of 4

    Sweaty af but I respect it
  2. O W A R I 😷

    Gains !

    Shame you accidentally trained def that many times but shit happens man Won't be long until 2k total!
  3. O W A R I 😷

    I'm back

    Eyyy good shit, some nice progress there!
  4. O W A R I 😷

    Im Lure Bait Introduction

    Welcome dude!
  5. O W A R I 😷

    Rojas Introduction

    Welcome man, happy to have you with us! Get app'd and join us on some trips
  6. O W A R I 😷

    Hello #Jass

    Welcome back!
  7. O W A R I 😷

    Intro Giraffnoah - Barry

    Welcome to the forums, I've seen you about in the CC and you seem like a chill dude! Keep up the grinding and when you're ready get applying
  8. O W A R I 😷

    1 more to go

    Very nice man, you going to grind hp out too or just passively get it over time?
  9. O W A R I 😷


    Welcome home chief
  10. O W A R I 😷

    Mans Back

    Congrats man!
  11. O W A R I 😷


  12. O W A R I 😷

    Monday GMT Revs

    Good shit today guys ❤️
  13. O W A R I 😷

    woodcutting gains heck yeah

    Congrats man!
  14. O W A R I 😷


    Eyy good shit boys!
  15. O W A R I 😷

    4 man Fi unit gets FAT loot [05/29]

    Big shoutout to @V1ce @Rapakkomiess@old chubfor the awesome trip and for smiting a cheeky +1! We managed to log in just as a 5 man IR team were in rev caves, most of them tele'd but we landed TB's on a couple, took one out of the game and then smited the second for his AGS! Lets get it boissss!
  16. O W A R I 😷

    90 Range, time for 90 Strength

    Good work chief
  17. O W A R I 😷

    Grats Me

    Congrats chief! Now get 1.5k total
  18. O W A R I 😷


    Welcome to the forums mate, seen you about in the CC and you seem like a quality guy!
  19. O W A R I 😷

    Now meet req's for preps :D

    Very nice account man, glad to hear you app'd
  20. O W A R I 😷

    Long time :D

    Oooft an LY boi welcome to the forums chief!
  21. Cant complain since I joined for the last 30 mins of the trip ❤️
  22. It's a family thing ❤️
  23. O W A R I 😷

    Testified intro

    Welcome bro