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  1. O W A R I

    Testified intro

    Welcome bro
  2. O W A R I

    nettos intro

  3. O W A R I

    First Zulrah drop

    Finally got my first Zulrah drop on all of my accounts combined and ofc it was on my pure at 20kc!
  4. Slapped em today boys ❤️
  5. O W A R I

    New Sponsor!

    Eyy awesome
  6. O W A R I

    2100. 8 LEFT

    Y E E T
  7. O W A R I

    9 more

    Getting there man, keep grinding wont be long now until you've got the fanciest account in Fi
  8. O W A R I

    fat squirrels

    Not long until maxed now chief!
  9. O W A R I

    Ardougne Cloak 2

    congrats on the cape man!
  10. O W A R I

    4 MORE

    Very nice man!
  11. O W A R I

    AKIK intro

    Hey man, welcome to Fi
  12. O W A R I


    Welcome man!
  13. Really good work today lads, had an awesome time on this trip! Until next week when we dominate all over again ❤️