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  1. O W A R I 😷

    "Adhd specs" intro!

    Welcome dude! Hmu if you need any help when you get around to applying
  2. O W A R I 😷

    Introduction App

    Welcome man!
  3. O W A R I 😷

    98 STRENGTH while away ;)

    Congrats mate, you're so close now!
  4. O W A R I 😷

    Ez money

  5. O W A R I 😷

    Dumb Brit Rag Ranges Rage

  6. O W A R I 😷

    Washed up skiller goes to clanwars :D

    Good shit Schwedennnn!
  7. O W A R I 😷

    Sunday P2P ft. clw vs. Rage [ty ROT]

    Good shit today boys, props to Rage for the fights ❤️
  8. Congrats man, let me know how the 75 attack is
  9. O W A R I 😷

    All in the same day!

    Managed to finish off a few levels today Got all of these in the same hour!
  10. O W A R I 😷

    Step 2

    Congrats man!
  11. O W A R I 😷

    Thursday - Slaughterfest

    Good shit boys, I was only with you guys for an hour but managed to make 1m+, was hella fun joining the Murica squad even if I was too high to function
  12. O W A R I 😷

    Rev trips pay off

    Good shit man, I'm certainly over +10m in basic rev loot total myself and with +1s I'm close to 20m profit from plundering the caves with the Fi boys
  13. O W A R I 😷

    Tuesday GMT Revs PK Trip

    He was not having a good day lmfao
  14. O W A R I 😷

    This shit takes forever

    congrats man! Well over halfway now