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  1. NH Sugoi


    Not long now until you're maxed! Keep up the grind bro
  2. NH Sugoi

    Just saying Hi

    Welcome home!
  3. NH Sugoi

    another clean ass f2p trip

    Awesome turnout guys
  4. NH Sugoi

    Finally maxed n ready 2 pk

    Welcome man, good luck with your app!
  5. NH Sugoi

    TP a i n t s introduction

    Welcome dude!
  6. NH Sugoi


    Very nice Subaru man, my fave cars
  7. NH Sugoi

    NH Sugoi - Introduction

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Will do! I'm already in but I'll be more active soon! 😊
  8. NH Sugoi

    Strong Magician

    Congrats dude!
  9. NH Sugoi

    NH Sugoi - Introduction

    Thanks guys!
  10. NH Sugoi

    My Rng at zulrah

    Send some of that RNG my way, very nice drops dude
  11. NH Sugoi

    views from the roof

    Ardy looks a lot nicer than this impoverished village
  12. NH Sugoi

    Another day, another massacre

    Very nice thread of loot! Beats the 50k risks im used to in BH on my obby, can't wait to tag along with you guys on these trips!
  13. NH Sugoi

    How to improve in clan wars

    Gonna keep this in mind, need to work on my tanking/prayer flicks in multi tbh
  14. NH Sugoi

    NH Sugoi - Progress Thread

    Thanks man, I will do! Won't be long until I'm dropping people in the wildy beside you! Took me 6 days to get this far, shouldn't be too long until I'm ready!