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  1. fucking lit shit like every sunday
  2. Petsku

    Pkown Intro

    yes hello and welcome brother
  3. I've been fairly busy since beginning of June, mainly because of work and other irl business... Im trying to get active as hard as possible, lets see how that is going to work out.
  4. good stuff, glad that i shared this trip with u guys
  5. Petsku


    hello and welcome to the forums
  6. Petsku

    Mans Back

    big boss
  7. Petsku


    good shit fam
  8. Petsku

    Another 80 stat 2/5

    gz swede
  9. Petsku

    Ez Pz

    nice pyro
  10. Petsku

    Most Favorite Types of Pures

    im about to make my 60 att pure to 13 def beast
  11. Petsku

    Some Zulrah progress

    nice loot