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  1. Bigshot

    WizzyG New Intro

    Welcome join Fi for clean action
  2. Bigshot


    congrats on the promos, good guy blissful stepping up
  3. Bigshot

    Some things never change

    lmao damn
  4. Bigshot


    Welcome man
  5. Bigshot

    So I've been questing lately

    damnn nice lol anchor is sweet
  6. Bigshot

    Ironman plans

    jeez lol nice stats man
  7. Bigshot

    Noob reporting for duty!

    Hey dude
  8. Bigshot


  9. Bigshot

    couldnt even 1 hit a cow

    Congrats on max and nice looking stats you got there
  10. Bigshot

    P2p Wildy/Clw Event

    cwa fight was fun
  11. Bigshot

    Just saying Hi

    Welcome to the community
  12. Bigshot

    Don't be this guy

    lol nice loot he mad
  13. Bigshot


    Welcome man hope you enjoy the community