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  1. AGS PK!!! GRATZ FI!!!

    congrats @V1ce you just became on Fatality's latest Instagram post!
  2. Main gains

    grats ninos! main is strong
  3. Almost at 3/5

    congrats man!
  4. Hello

    Did you get an email from me? haha! Dude I was about to send you a FB message but you beat me to it!
  5. Member Most Wanted:

    I'm looking for a ex destructive pures member that joined the legacy clan called Fatality and became one of the best High Council's in Roonscape. His name is @Jts Ftw Pk If you have found him, please make sure to tell him to come to the pk trips this weekend. it is urgent that he comes. Thanks
  6. Am I still considered a member of this clan?

    What was your old forum name?
  7. Buying gp
  8. Hacked </3

    l0l @Duces OT: Sorry to hear about this man. If you know anything about him then pm me.
  9. need a slave 97-99 hp how much

    good guy
  10. Okay by far the coolest looking one

  11. Was too easy. These clans can't even team up lol.
  12. Dear Chris my leader

    delinius7 joined ROT and i think he is still there under the name "Del" on their forums. greygreylady idk.. I do remember who you are talking about though r0b1n i think he went crazy and went to FOE for a bit and then quit rs? idk for sure but I know he has been gone since pre-eoc gdzkiller lol i remember that dude. Not sure.
  13. Dear Chris my leader

    Nah he can't rest and I won't let him. He is more powerful than I Mahatma I and when he returns all hail will break loose in the pure community.
  14. Dear Chris my leader