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  1. [Topic]Fatality Vs Pheonix [3-0]

    l0l. Looked easy
  2. Lets Be Real

  3. test

    u have access to do it too lmao. under ur new post before u post it there is an option that says "group mentions" click on it and choose who u wana hl lmao.
  4. test

    l00000000000000000l @Council
  5. test

    @High Council
  6. [Topic]Fatality Vs Final Ownage [2-1]

    Talk Shit, Get Hit
  7. MF smited again LOL

    Free GP. Ez
  8. Misfits leaderboards

    lmfao MF dead. Thx for the free passwords on ur forums Misfits. Was Ez.
  9. Summoning osrs?

    I hope so. We had the most steel titans than any other clan lol. We were unstoppable in P2P.
  10. nigga died in .2 secs

  11. Leadership Promotions