Today marks a Year Exactly When Trevor Took Over The Forums and Made Them Secure! No DDOS/SQL Injections/Hackings in a year! Grats Fatality Forums ~ Shot_D0wn9 btw


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  1. The old Kenny..

    the old kenny would send me a text message every now and then... not even a word anymore.
  2. Davey and Trevor catching spies in 2009

    BIG because its true
  3. Thursday - 2 PKRI's vs Outburst.

    Gj boys. it was fun! gf OB thanks for the fight
  4. Wednesday - 3x PKRI'S vs Fearless.

    gj boys. looked fun
  5. Talk sh*t, get hit.

    call me noss @Freryd2lumby
  6. [Topic]Fatality Vs Pheonix [3-0]

    l0l. Looked easy
  7. Nhloc

    I remember you. This is Shot D0wn9 btw
  8. Lets Be Real

  9. test

    u have access to do it too lmao. under ur new post before u post it there is an option that says "group mentions" click on it and choose who u wana hl lmao.
  10. test

    l00000000000000000l @Council
  11. test

    @High Council
  12. [Topic]Fatality Vs Final Ownage [2-1]

    Talk Shit, Get Hit