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  • Chapter 33: Domination.

    Fatality was back in action with over 100+ members, with the return of 3 Hit U Pure, the clan was killing every clan with no problems – Pulling 50+ people to every PK trip. Going to the top again at a fast pace.

    The Leadership was now – 3 Hit U Pure, Beezlebub pk, Ieet is 42o, Flash Cutter. Also after Nurse__Sue was banned, and Mute Pker had become inactive from RuneScape two new Warlords where chosen, Zamguthsarah & Pure B K.

    Fatality was now declaring wars with no one to accept once again.

    Chapter 34: Fatality Vs Final Ownage Elite – Full out F2p War.
    June 2nd, 2007

    After declaring on most pure clans at there level – Fatality had decided to declare on Final Ownage Elite, and with their luck they accepted!




    It was official Fatality would war Final Ownage Elite in F2P

    Once on the battlefield Fatality headed out with 270 opts, on their way to the defending spot they got random bombed thus losing 10-15 people. Final Ownage Elite had walked up to wait for Fatality to get ready and got crashed by a masser clan, losing a good amount of people.
    It was decided the war would become a fun war because of these incidents.

    Fatality starting opts – 255
    Final Ownage Elite starting opts – 225

    Fatality ending Opts – 180
    Final Ownage Elite ending opts – 0

    Fatality Victorious.


    Chapter 35: A new leader
    June 12th, 2007

    After the success of the upcoming fatality, after defeating Final Ownage Elite, Ieet is 42o had RL issues and was unable to play for a month. The clan decided that they needed an additional Leader to add to their success.

    The new leader was chosen – Pure B K, also Zamguthsarah was promoted to High Council.


    Chapter 36: Forum Hackings
    June 20th, 2007

    As the clan began to rise to glory, a terrible incident happens. Fatality clan forums were hacked, someone had gotten 3 Hit U Pure’s password and he was the only root admin.

    Fatality had to re-make forums, losing 132k post count, it had to be done to remain a top clan.

    To add to this, the clan had a lot of work to do, as they lost a lot of members – they began to go slightly inactive.


    Chapter 37: Fatality vs Eruption Of Pures – Full out F2p War
    October 13th, 2007


    At this time Eruption of Pures were a very powerful F2p force,
    Fatality had declared on Eruption of pures to reclaim their RAW ranking back. Fatality declares and they get declined for a 1 week preparation. The clan had now reclaimed the #2 spot.
    Eruption of Pures did not like that and felt it was wrong that the day that was set for the war their leader could not attend. They then declared war on Fatality for their Raw rank back but this time it was a 2 week preparation.
    Fatality is highly against long preparation wars but they felt like they needed to accept to keep there RAW spot.
    It was official, EOP vs FI,
    Fatality Starting Opts – 225
    Eruption Of Pures Starting Opts – 228
    Fatality ending Opts – 177
    Eruption of Pures ending opts – 0
    Fatality victorious



    Chapter 38: New Era of PKing
    Towards the end of the year 2007 strange things were happening in RS. Jagex had pushed on in their battle against real world traders, and the next phase was about to change RS PKing more than any update in RS2. On 10th December 2007 wildy was no more. Disturbed and disappointed pkers were introduced to new PvP areas to make up for loss of wildy, Bounty Hunter and Clan Wars were born. For Fatality and other pure clans losing wildy was a slap on the face… masses of pkers decided that the new PvP areas couldn’t compete with wildy and after days of rioting and ranting a lot of people quit, from Fatality as well as other clans. The people who decided to continue were left to wonder what to do with what was left of pure clan pking and community. The only option were BH and CLW.


    hapter 39: BH

    The new PvP areas were a lot different from wildy, but Fatality wanted to continue PKing the best we could. Bounty Hunter was never ment as a PK arena for big clans, but it was the obvious first choice and it was where all pure clans first started pking again. Fatality was highly succesful in the first weeks of BHing and it was fun although it clearly could never be wildy.








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