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  • Chapter 22: Final goodbye
    After Soostrong and 3 Hit U Pure tried to get the clan to stay together, they couldn’t handle the stress that involved both in-game and real life hassle to try and get things together, until finally it was decided that it was time to move on, and to just close down Supreme Ownage. Soostrong and 3 Hit U Pure announced that they both had quit the game, until further notice(3 Hit reason was till he got back in order, and Soostrong’s was until 3 Hit came back) and the clan had its final pk trip, this was announced on May 7, 2006.

    Last Supreme Ownage Pk Trip.


    More Than 210 Wildy Options – 70+ People Attended the last Supreme Ownage Pk Trip to mourn the ending of a Top Clan.

    Where: World 63, Edgeville

    When: 12:00 Pacific, 3:00 Eastern, 2:00 Central and 8:00 GMT?

    Goodluck to all, I hope ALOT of you come to this trip because after the trip, we’ll do a couple ending stuff, then I’ll make commemoration movie


    and MANDATORY for all supreme ownage members and ex-s0.


    Chapter 23: Fatality, new beginning, or just another failureThe next day trx despair came up to 3 hit and told him to make a new clan along with beezlebub pk. At this time 3 Hit U Pure and soostrong had made new pures under the names h1t–m4n and 3 Fatal Hits. The leaders decided on making the name of this new clan Fatality and soon many old Supreme Ownage members along with wanna-bes joined up, to follow as well was Soostrongs new pure h1t–m4n(he later switched to h1t-m4n).



    Chapter 24: Fatality, not a flop
    Many had suspected fatality to be just another flop, but we stand here today saying proudly we didnt flop and continue to aim to be the best pure clan out there.

    Chapter 25: The Long-Awaited Arrival…
    0 Agressor 0 had joined FOE , but then with problems with FOE , Agressor thought the time was right and switched back to FI. He became a leader within 1 day and then following Agressor from FOE came 0 Cexy Pk 0 and Mute Pker.

    Chapter 26: Fatality’s First War
    Beezlebub Pk declared a 1 week prep official war on Destined Pures. They quickly accepted. Fatality won the war by a long shot, with about 140 opts remaining.


    Chapter 27: Soostrong/H1t M4n and 0 Agressor 0 get def/quit rs
    H1t M4n quit rs after deciding it was taking up too much time in his life. 0 Agressor 0 got defense. Many thought Fatality was going to die but we held it together. Rage Cutter and Flash Cutter are introduced as new Fatality leaders.

    Chapter 28: Fatality vs Corrupted pures(X2 miniwars)
    First Miniwar
    October 25, 2006.

    FI starting opts: 63 options.
    Cp starting opts: 93 options.
    FI ending opts: 0 options.
    CP ending options: ???

    First of all, Corrupt Pures had declared on FI a few days ago since they were suppose to have a scheduled miniwar with Elitepurez, but they backed down so they decided to call upon other clans including FOE, MM, DP, AAO, and even ERP. All of them declined so it came to one choice, Fatality. FI accepted to fight their 93 options. Fatality had only a 10 minute preparation. With not much time to lose, we headed out with 63 options including me. Being outnumbered FI were then defeated. Rage Cutter + 3 Hit U Pure then asked for another mini-war with Corrupt Pures, but for this one it would be SCHEDULED as a 2 day preperation.



    Chapter 29: Fatality vs The Last Pures(X2 Fullout war P2p and F2p

    Agressor talked with Finnald about having a 1 month prep war for both p2p and f2p multi and non multi. They agreed on terms and rules were switched around MANY times, but once rules were set things were underway.

    Pay to Play Non Multi war

    FI starting opts:99 options.
    TLP starting options: 160 options.
    FI ending opts: 0 options.
    TLP ending options: 99 options. ~

    Fatality massed 99 options in p2p to fight The last pures in p2p non multi, sadly we were defeated, plus many mains crashed the war, good fight TLP.

    Free to Play Multi war.




    FI starting opts: 132 options.
    TLP starting options: 105 options.
    Fi ending opts: 90 options.
    TLP ending opts: 0 options.


    With their first ever defeat handed to them in an official war, Fatality were determined to win their second war against The Last Pures, both clans massed over 100+ options and fought at lvl 43 gates, Fatality pulled off a victory with 90 options left.

    One vid of it:


    Chapter 30: Fatality vs Makers of Mayhem Full out F2p War.
    December 9th, 2006

    Before this war fatality was known as the most dominate f2p force in pure clans. Fatality was offered a few mini wars against Makers of Mayhem, they would not back down. Tension would begin to build up from the start of ‘MM pride’, being that no clan would war fatality, they had to do something not a lot of clans would do. Challenge Makers of Mayhem.

    Beezlebub Pk set up the war with MM, it was official that Fatality would war Mayhem Makers, in a 16 day preparation – even though they were totally against the long preparation, it was time for a war.

    The battle began-

    Fatality Starting Options – 234
    Mayhem Makers Starting Options – 270

    Fatality Ending Options – 0
    Mayhem Makers ending options – 125

    Fatality was defeated.


    Chapter 31: Inactive.

    Not very long after the war with Mayhem Makers – Fatality was going inactive. The clan was down to under 70 members barely pulling any people for pk trips, The clans Founder 3 hit u pure was highly inactive, Flash Cutter had quit – was this the end?

    In middle January of 2007, Fatality was due for a new leader, in hopes for success. The very new 4 month old Ieet is 42o was selected for the job.

    The new leader was highly active thus benefiting Fatality, he was leading a good number of PK trips for over 2 months. Helped out the clan a lot for being new with no experience at leading.


    Chapter 32: Ci vs X official full out war



    Fatality and their good friends, Corrupt Pures decided it was about time to find a allied war. Fi and Cp had been on good terms for a while and when combined were the best allied pure force in Runescape.

    They had asked AAO if there is any clans that they would be able to team with so that they could have the war they were looking for. AAO decides Brutality Pures would be their ally in the war. Brutality pures and Against all odds felt it was unfair, Fatality being a higher leveled clan, so they were allowed to bring a 3rd clan – KO Pures.

    Ci Defends , X Attack. Overheads aloud.

    Ci Starting opts – 340
    X Starting opts – 350

    Ci ending – 240
    X ending – 0

    Ci Victorious

    Shortly after this war, Rage cutter had taken a break from Runescape. To add to that as time passed Flash Cutter had returned to his leadership position.


    Other OldSchool CI Videos:


    Fi + CP VS KO + THEN ERP



    Fi + CP + EOP VS MM + DP + AAO + BP



    Fi vs MM F2P Run In:


    Ci vs TLP F2P Run In: