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  2. Fuh My Life

    [3-0] Fatality vs Supremacy P2P Prep

    Sweet action from SUP! Congrats Fatality!
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  4. DankToday at 00:43
    i now have 2 images forever scarred in my brain
    that white guy getting shit in his mouth
    and a guy eating out a chicken
    sick fucks

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    90 woop woop

    gz woop woop
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    🦀🦀 @LEGACY 🦀🦀

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    get that mage and hp yo!
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  10. Today we massed up a strong 39 Fatality members to take on Supremacy in a P2P Prep. After a strong defending round by us, we fought hard in the next two rounds to confirm the win over Supremacy. Fatality Starting: 34 Supremacy Starting: 34 Fatality Ending: 24 Supremacy Ending: 0 Fatality Starting: 36 Supremacy Starting: 36 Fatality Ending: 5 Supremacy Ending: 0 Fatality Starting: 34 Supremacy Starting: 34 Fatality Ending: 9 Supremacy Ending: 0    @Nate @robbyy @Native @Lee
  11. Kyle

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  12. Lmfaooo that’s sad now everything makes sense on how unorganized they are all there members are always all over the place not knowing who to pile haha that purple clan are way better pkers even tho they only pull like 15 a trip lol
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    quick whaler

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    hey :]

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