Today marks a Year Exactly When Trevor Took Over The Forums and Made Them Secure! No DDOS/SQL Injections/Hackings in a year! Grats Fatality Forums ~ Shot_D0wn9 btw

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  2. pay the toll or die mate.
  3. ninos caught me and kenny fighting

    u guys are fucked. #leaders btw
  4. you guys running revs atm
  5. Plenty of lootations for the boys in green
  6. welcome to elve`s rev cave btw
  7. Massed up 13 Green Warriors and hit up rev caves for 4 hours, killed countless people and murdered the caves for bank loot!
  8. [Part 2] Spring Promotions 2018

    very nice promos, grats !
  9. 1 def arma guide

    hunter lvl needed?
  10. lmfaoooo @bday

  11. 90 White Power

  12. Fatality Gang

  13. Today
  14. Fatality Gang

  15. 90 White Power

    very nice, lovely title too big love
  16. 1 def arma guide

    Oh that explains why I couldn’t do it.
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